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Carolyn's Collectors Share Their Stories

Debbie Linville, Houston, Texas

“Lipstick Roses”...need I say more? It was love at first sight! I knew I could not leave Carolyn Blaylock's studio until it had my name on it.  I envisioned it hung above my white sofa on the soon-to-be-painted red living room walls. There is nothing that says "classy" to me like red living room walls....except to have them kissed.... Everyone (yes, literally everyone - from dinner party guests to the TV repairman) who enters my home is drawn in by this masterpiece. I have seen the infatuation unfold time and time again....first they stare (with mouth slightly open, head tilted to one side), then they straighten and permit the initial awe to give way to the utmost appreciation (as evidenced by their glassy eyed smile) and then....7, 8, 9...that lone word escapes from their blissful state....BEAUTIFUL!!!  Yep, being kissed by “Lipstick Roses” has that effect every time! 

Lynne Kelley, Bermuda Run, North Carolina

The awe-inspiring beauty and wonder of creation….that’s what I see when I look at Carolyn’s art. Rich with unexpected color and bold texture, larger than life pieces draw you into a story unfolding in a single moment in time.  Landscapes that lead you down the unknown path of life, creatures with eyes so expressive you can feel what they’re thinking….with each painting there is a connection…a giggle…a smile…a sigh… Every piece Carolyn creates for me brings light and inspiration into my home. Her pastel portraits of my boys capture their spirit, revealing the mischievous sparkle in my oldest son’s eyes and the quiet resolve of my youngest. The Garden Girl formed from paper welcomes people into my home with a grace and peace that causes visitors to stop for a moment to take it in. The vivid oil Wildflowers beckon me to walk through them brushing my hands over their gentle heads, a reminder for me to be ever-thankful for the things I encounter on this journey. Finally, the painting in my foyer allows me a peek into a Charleston Garden complete with bubbling fountain, Spanish moss, and playful light that brings memories rushing back of romantic anniversaries celebrated in the city of my birth.  Carolyn’s spirit is magnified in her paintings; her essence poured out in every stroke; her beauty reflected in her art. May each owner be blessed as I have by her gift.

 Diane and Jack Ferguson, Greensville, South Carolina

Our home is graced by five Carolyn Blaylock paintings. The favorite is a 36”X36” of Duncan, a brown bear stream fishing but suddenly distracted by what can only be a drop-dead lady bear. His jaw has dropped, his eyes could grow as big as saucers and the fish are getting away. Carolyn’s paintings are always alive and fun.

Vivid blending of texture and color gives life to her paintings and ignites the viewer’s imagination. Her hallmark is the expressive eyes on her creatures, human or animal.

It’s a pleasure to express our appreciation of Carolyn’s work and to know that many others enjoy her happy creations.

 Amos Westmoreland, Advance, North Carolina

 “An explosion of color that creates a timeless viewing experience...” These are words that come to mind when I look at Carolyn’s paintings. Each piece

possesses extraordinary power through heavy brushwork and bold color. Her work holds a profound abstract quality that creates a pleasing strength and is very recognizable.

Annie Danielson, Trinidad, Colorado

I am the proud owner of a bear named Murray! He makes me smile every morning when he greets me at the end of my hallway. Murray is a brown bear that has every color of the rainbow but brown in his thick, furry face. I am not sure how such a large bear sports pink, turquoise, chartreuse and violet and still has that imposing grizzly bear look- but he does! His eyes definitely have a twinkle as if he just might drop by my Colorado hilltop home for a little walk through the garden or for a sip out of the hummingbird feeder and who am I to deny such an endearing fellow a little sweet?

How Carolyn brought Murray to life is magical! I'm just so happy he lives with me!

 Katherine Jung, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

I simply fell in love with a cow named Fiesta. She is personality. She is color. She makes me smile. In other words, she is the very essence of the person who created her.  I consider myself lucky to have found an artist and friend who creates what I so treasure in art and my life...happiness.

Amy Smith, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

“This truly is beautiful! You are so leaps from the picture!”