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Art Statement

My inspiration can best be described by the words of a favorite childhood hymn, “all things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, the Lord God made them all.” Whether it’s sunlight filtering through garden flowers, or the wisdom in the eyes of a barnyard cow, I love to share the painted story and evoke a smile. As on collector said, “The awe-inspiring beauty and wonder of creation, that’s what I see when I look at Carolyn’s art. Rich with unexpected color and bold texture, larger than life pieces draw you into a story unfolding in a single moment in time. Joy leaps from her paintings.”

My focus is to express personality and spirit through beautiful color and fearless texture. Painting to classical music, my brush dances with the notes, creating an elegant, brave rhythm to the work that keeps the eye happily engaged and moving around the canvas. Flourishing on large canvas gives the freedom and space to magnify the harmonious color I see in flora and fauna. Often using both hands, palette knife in one and quirky brush in the other, I add layer upon layer of paint. As the personality of a painting emerges, I find myself smiling at the easel and forming a story about the subject, whether it’s a bear, a bouquet, or a tale of a tree. It’s important to me for my art to sing the song of our colorful, wonderful world and to share the beauty with others in such a way that it wraps them in a smile too.